Friday, June 8, 2012

Vinegar--Who Knew?

I'm going to do it. Really. I'm going to clean my mini-blinds (achoo!) with white vinegar and a cotton glove. This Reader's Digest link tells how--the mini-blind tip is #3 on a list of 150 chores made easier with vinegar. I hope the thought of buzzing through your chores in record time makes you smile. Then when we're finished, let's head for our favorite retreats and relax.


  1. There is no end to the wonders of vinegar! And I despise cleaning mini-blinds, so I vacuum them once in a while and call it good enough. :-)

    1. I tried it using an old pair of cotton socks. Slat by slat got old pretty quick, so I swiped whole sections at a time. I have to say it was nice to feel the silky surface afterwards, and it didn't take very long. Upstairs next!


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